How To Stay In Stockholm For Free?

Accommodation anywhere in Scandinavia is going to be expensive, particularly the cities. This article will show you a way to see the best of Stockholm without having to sleep in this expensive city. Visiting Stockholm can be cheap…read on if your interested in saving money on your trip!

Arrive on an early morning flight or train into Stockholm, arriving no later than 11am will let you do all the things I recommend.

Ditch The Bags

Go straight to Central Station and leave your bags in a locker, because who wants to lug around heavy backpacks whilst exploring a city.

City Tour

Head along to Sergels Torg to join a walking tour. I’ve done lots of walking tours and I personally prefer walking around to get my bearings rather than a bus tour.

#Thrifty Tip – join a free walking tour, totally free, just give a tip if you really enjoy it.  This will save you paying expensive tour prices, and if your transport into Stockholm is delayed, you can just join the next one no strings attached.  Tours start at 10 & 11am, there is afternoon ones too if you prefer.


After the tour head for lunch.  You will get a great feed at Grillska Huset, in Gamla Stan whilst helping the city.  All the profits from this cafe go towards helping homeless in Stockholm.  This is situated on a nice square which will allow you to people watch whilst enjoying really good food.  

#Thrifty Tip – They offer a great menu of the day, approx 100Krona for soup or meal of the day, salad, bread tea or coffee.


Next go to the most visited museum in all of Scandinavia,  not just Stockholm,  the VASA museum.  Unfortunately this is not free, but nowhere else in the world will you be able to see a wooden handcrafted ship that has been preserved for 333 years, built in 1628. Tickets are 130 Krona for adults, 110 for students and free for under 18s.  It is best to time your visit to start with a 25 minute free guide.  Tours start at 11.30,13.30,15.30 and more on at the weekend.


Enjoy Fika (Swedish for having a break with coffee and bun) for some afternoon chill.  Brod & Salt is a great cafe with lots of buns to choose from. Cardamon buns are a favorite.  If you choose to get the ferry back from Vasa or walk along the promenade you will come across a Brod & Salt location @ Järntorget 83.

#Thrifty Tip – Transport Tickets are valid for 75 minutes each.  If you only want to spend one hour in the Vasa, go over and come back on the same ticket.  Or if you want to enjoy Fika after your musuem visit then go onto another area to explore, just make sure your on your next transport within the 75 minute window.


That #Thrifty Tip, you’ve been waiting for?  Stockholm is made up of 14 islands but is also home to 2000+ islands as part of the Stockholm Archipelago.  This is the most interesting part of visiting Stockholm and would strongly recommend visiting this.  Viking Line Cruises offer a 24 hour cruise which gives you a bed for the night and a front row seat to this natural wonder taking in not only the Stockholm Archipelago but also the Finland Archipelago.  Tickets start at 100 Krona. This is the most cost effective way to see the city.

#Thrifty Tip – The evening cruise departs at 20:00 and check in check in closes 30 minutes prior.  This allows you the whole day to explore Stockholm.

#Thrifty Tip – use KIWI.COM to find the cheapest way to travel to Stockholm. KIWI even guarantee any connections when you book through them. 

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